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May 2019



Business Plan Competition 2014

5th Annual District 5300 Business Plan Competition –
May 5, 3:30-5:00,
Mt Sierra College, 800 Royal Oak Drive, Monrovia.
By C. Ray Carlson, Chair, District Vocational Service

With unemployment among teens, 15 – 19, at FORTY ONE PERCENT in LA County at the start of 2013, double that of 5 years earlier, we Rotarians ,must do something to give our community youth a chance for a career that brings income.

Starting a business is an important option. Even if only 1 in 5 do it in the next 10 years, they will likely employ 4 others on average, creating 5 jobs for every 5 trained in Entrepreneurship and how to write a Business Plan. [That remarkable result of two professionally completed 10-year surveys in Sweden was so astounding that the government started to sponsor the entrepreneurial education program in all schools, with the private sector contributing one-half and business-savvy volunteers to teach. Sweden has the same population as L.A. County.]

Remember that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were young teenagers when they embarked on the course that eventually led to the enormous corporations they founded. And without benefit of college diplomas! There are always a few brilliant kids in our local schools that could follow in their paths, given some strategic mentoring by Rotarians and other citizens. But they may never be discovered without the opportunity to write a Business Plan

Our District 5300 annual Business Plan Competition can be the key to enhancing the future of many kids. Your schools may already have teachers of Career Technical Education (or ROP) that can provide training with the help of Rotarians. Pasadena Muir, Arcadia, Monrovia and San Marino are such and have submitted entries in the first three competitions. Or a club can provide a Vocational Training Team of 5 or so Rotarians that actually teach a couple of class periods each., within 5 to 10 weeks.

There are many business plan templates and curricula on the Internet, e.g. SBA, SCORE, JA, NFTE which are easy to teach. I can offer the MAKING A JOB curriculum by the Kauffman Foundation at a package price of $1,000 that includes 30 sets of Student Guide (recyclable) $20, Student Journal $10, and Instructor’s Manual $100.

There is still ample time to line up a Business Plan entry and give your youth a crack at the $500 first prize, $300 2nd prize, or $200 3rd prize. Cost for entry is only $200. Oral presentations of 5 minutes each, for 5 plans maximum, will be given at the Altadena meeting. For students too distant to attend, the oral presentation may be recorded and transmitted digitally by May 1st along with a .pdf of the plan.

This Business Plan training and competition is the best possible Vocational Service that your club can offer your youth and community.

Contact: Ray Carlson,, 626-797-5462 or 800-448-3456.


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