Youth Services

Youth Services


Rotary Youth Services

Session 004 – Youth Services

Join Becky Moser and others to learn about Rotary Youth Services




Presenter: Becky Moser, King City Rotary Club
Presenter: Daniel J. Enriquez, Tulare Sunrise
Producer: Susan Winey, Clovis Rotary Club
Producer: Peter Fortuna, North Fresno Rotary Club

Hours : Minutes : Seconds
00:00:00 – Tech setup

00:00:01 – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Interact, Rotary Youth Exchange
00:01:45 – Introductions
00:02:45 – Interact
00:03:30 – Interact Stats
00:07:40 – Interact Keys to Success
00:08:40 – Presidential Citations
00:09:54 – Global Youth Service Day
00:10:30 – Camp Royal
00:10:53 – RYLA
00:14:10 – Youth Exchange
00:16:40 – Youth Exchange Requirements
00:19:10 – Youth Protection
00:21:25 – Rotract
00:22:30 – Rotaract Changes
00:24:17 – Q&A




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    Becky Moser

    Becky Moser

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    CTA Team

    Governor Rod Colburn and Governor-Elect Joy Anderson would like to public acknowledge and thank the hard work of the following Rotarians

    Rod Coburn

    2020 Governor Rotary District 5230, Fig Garden Rotary Club

    Susan Winey

    CTA Director, Visalia Rotary Club

    Joy Anderson

    2020 Governor-Elect Rotary District 5230, Monterey Cannery Row Rotary Club

    Jeff Dippel

    Communications Director, Fig Garden Club

    Peter Fortuna

    CTA Technology Director, North Fresno Rotary Club

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