Rotary District 5230 Foundation

2019-20 Grant Applications

Applications should be for youth service within District 5230 and should submitted on the one-page Grant Application Form

Our District Foundation will match the sponsoring club’s contribution one to one up to $1,000 maximum per club and/or project. Attach your project budget showing proposed income and expenses.

List the name, address, telephone, fax and email of the sponsoring club’s primary contact person.

Have the club’s president affirm that the club or its Board of Directors has voted to undertake this project and agrees to provide our District 5230 Foundation a Final Report accounting regarding how the money was spent, the results achieved, and number of youth benefited.

The deadline for submission is October 31, 2019 at which time the Board of Directors of the Foundation will select the best applications for approval up to a total of $6,000.

Your applications may be on the form provided below or in letter form covering points 1 – 4 above.

A final project report on the form below is due by June 30 of the Rotary Year the grant was approved.

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