Past District Governors

 Bruce D. Mackey
Year of Service: 2021-22

 Joy Gonzales Anderson
Year of Service: 2020-21

 Rauden Howell Coburn III
Year of Service: 2019-20

 Monika A. Fewtrell
Year of Service: 2018-19

 Arthur L. Gaffrey
Year of Service: 2017-18

 Yavuz V. Atila
Year of Service: 2016-17

 Michael J. Andritch
Year of Service: 2015-16

 Joseph P. Grebmeier
Year of Service: 2014-15

 Shirley Grace
Year of Service: 2012-13

 George Jacob Wade Jr. PDG
Year of Service: 2011-12

 Young Koh
Year of Service: 2010-11

 Robert Eurich
Year of Service: 2009-10

 Nina C. Clancy
Year of Service: 2007-08

 Donald E. Kremer
Year of Service: 2006-07

 Rodney A. Belton
Year of Service: 2003-04

 Michael S. Hannigan
Year of Service: 2002-03

 LeRoy G. Massey
Year of Service: 1999-00

 Raymond Gomez Jr.
Year of Service: 1995-96

 Robert H. Farmer
Year of Service: 1993-94

 Kenneth Robert Boyd
Year of Service: 1990-91

 Richard A. Johanson
Year of Service: 1989-90

 Peter J. Penner
Year of Service: 1984-85

District History

In 1915, Rotary International divided its clubs into separate Districts, improving administration and enhancing opportunities for growth.

Originally, the region that was to become District 5230 encompassed a wide area including the cities of Albuquerque, Berkeley, Fresno, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Oakland, Phoenix, Reno, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Stockton.

In 1957, District 522 was established covering the area from Sanger/Avenal in the south, Carmel/Monterey on the Coast, Fresno in the east, and Lodi in the north.

On April 18, 1980 in Sparks, Nevada, District 522 Governor Donald R. Foppiano appointed a committee to study regrouping the clubs.

The committee, comprised of nine PDG’s, including PRIP Cliff Dochterman, Chairman, District Secretary Martin Nelsen, and two AR’s, completed its work in 1982.

It recommended regrouping clubs within Districts 522 and 524 to form District 523.

Like all Districts in the Californian region, District 5230 began its life as the Western Division created as a consequence of the Duluth Conference in 1912.

In 1915, the Western Division was named District 13 upon the introduction of the newly created “district system” of numbering.

District 13 remained only for 3 years when, as a result of the growth of clubs in the region of California, renumbering became necessary.  In consequence, District 23 was created in 1918 and incorporated the entire state of California.

In most cases, renumbering procedures caused an advancement in numbers but in 1923, the district was numbered from 23 to District 2.


Conference History

Date Governor Location
2018 Raghada Khoury Long Beach (Queen Mary)
2017 Luciano de Sylva Palm Springs (Palm Springs Hilton Resort)
2016 Randy Pote San Diego (Horton Grand Hotel)
2015 Larry Skaggs Henderson, NV (Green Valley Ranch Resort)
2014 Miles Petroff Palm Springs, CA (Palm Springs Hilton)
2013 Sylvia Whitlock San Diego, CA (Town and Country Resort)
2012 Doug Fowler Lake Arrowhead, CA (Lake Arrowhead Resort)
2011 Roger J. Schulte La Jolla, CA, (La Jolla Marriott)
2010 Thomas B. Novotny Henderson, NV (Green Valley Ranch Resort)
2009 Eugene (Gene) Hernandez Palm Desert, CA, (JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa)
2008 Charles M. Barr Irvine, CA, (Irvine Marriott Hotel)
2007 Christine Montan Rancho Mirage, CA (Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa)
2006 Stewart Anderson Palm Springs, CA (Hilton Palm Springs Resort
2005 Roy York Laughlin, NV (The Flamingo)
2004 Barbara Risher Welch Irvine, CA (Irvine Marriott)
2003 Lee Harlan Pasadena, CA
2002 Margaret Cooker Primm, NV
2001 Sal Briguglio Cathedral City, CA
2000 Garbis Der Yeghian Long Beach, CA
1999 Lee Mothershead Palm Springs, CA
1998 Wayne Whistler Irvine, CA
1997 Ernie Jensen Rancho Mirage, CA
1996 Ken Miller Las Vegas, NV
1995 Steve Garrett La Jolla, CA
1994 Conrad von Bibra San Diego, CA
1993 Don Aikin Litchfield Park, AZ
1992 Chris Lyman Long Beach, CA
1991 Taro Kawa Palm Springs, CA
1990 Jerry Tambe San Diego, CA
1989 Joe McMullin Las Vegas, NV
1988 Tim Siu Santa Barbara, CA
1987 John Fee Kauai, HI
1986 Joe Buckley San Diego, CA
1985 Myron Stolp Palm Springs, CA
1984 Bill Ford Anaheim, CA
1979 Oliver A. “Jelly” Batcheller Claremont, CA
1973 Glen A. Wilson Anaheim, CA
1963 James “Jim” Speer Anaheim, CA
1962 Levi H. Dickey Long Beach, CA
1958 Arthur C. “Art” Withrow Long Beach, CA
1956 Stuart Coulter San Bernardino, CA