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updated: 5-17-2022

Welcome: DGE Becky Moser

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Treasurer Basics: Susan Winey, District Trainer
This session is for those new to the treasurer role. We will cover important dates and considerations for a treasurer.

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Benefit Auction Fundraising – Rob Slawinski, Past Pres Carmel Sunset
Plan your Club’s next auction fundraiser with great results! Rob Slawinski will cover the planning process and details to maximize profits and ensure a successful and fun event.

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Getting Involved in International Projects: Panel: DGN Debbie Hale & Team
One of the great joys of Rotary is creating international friendships to take action abroad and at home.  Our panel will present information from several Rotarians who have conducted different types of projects with international partners.  Ask questions, present your ideas and get feedback from this panel of experts!

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Vibrant Membership Strategies: Julie Aubry, RI Regional Membership Officer
Creating a positive member experience is crucial to the success and growth of any club. Let’s talk about some fun ways to reinvigorate your club and help reach your membership goals.
In this interactive session, we will:

  • Share real examples of club membership success
  • Discuss strategies to positively engage members at every stage and attract new members
  • Discuss your ideas & answer your questions
  • Share key membership resources

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Youth Services: Brinet Greenlee, AG & District Interact Chair and
PDG Lee Blankenship, District Youth Exchange Chair

Get the latest information on Interact and Youth Exchange

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Grant Training Doug Brown, District Grants Sub Committee Chair
This session is one of several opportunities to complete your required Grant Training to be qualified to receive a District Grant.

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Public Image Panel: Pauline Hershey & Team
Communication, Optimizing Social Media, Website considerations, Media & Events, Newsletter, Branding and more. Join the discussion

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Secretaries: Ann Appel, District Chief of Staff
Basic Dacdb & RI website overview & navigation

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Environment Sustainability PDG Yavuz Atila Western North America Leader of the Environmental
Sustainability Rotary Action Group
Rotary’s Area of Focus, adopted unanimously by both the Rotary Foundation Trustees and Rotary International Board of Directors in June 2020. Join to learn more about Rotary’s initiatives for the environment, Rotary action group and local and international level environmental projects , followed by the interactive Q&A.

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What does a President do?: DGN Michael Rabara
Are you considering taking on the role of Club President? This session will take the mystery out of what a Club President does.

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Community Service: Kevin Kenoyer, AG & District Community Service Chair
Choosing a community service project, evaluating community needs, organizing your project

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Foundation: PDG Shirley Grace, Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, Zone 26 2022-2024 &
PDG Joe Grebmeier, District Foundation Chair
Learn how to inspire your club and increase giving to the Rotary International Foundation.

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Adult Harassment Policy: PDG Joy Anderson
Rotary District 5230 last year added a section on Adult Harassment Free Environment to our District Policy Manual under Section II – Standards of Conduct. In this session we will discuss the various forms of harassment. processes for reporting, club and district responsibilities, confidentiality and other provisions to include suspension, sanctions and termination. This session should be attended by club leadership to include club officers and board members, District Leadership and any member interested in learning more.

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Rotaract: Joey Vaesen, General Secretary Big West Rotaract
Where Rotaract is now and the changes made for them to become Rotary Clubs.  What’s happening with dues, grants etc. July 1, the benefits of having Rotaract Clubs and how to start one.

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