District Governor

Becky Moser
Becky Moser

Becky is a member of the Rotary Club of Clovis, CA, and is serving as our District Governor for the Rotary year 2022-2023.

​Welcome to 2023 my Rotary Friends and Family!

I hope you all had a chance to take a well-deserved break and enjoy the holidays.  In the first six months of this Rotary year, I am amazed at what we have accomplished as Rotarians.  Let’s continue that spirit and passion together and make the start of this new year even better!

January is Rotary Vocational Month, and is at the heart of where Rotary started.  Bringing people together, from different professions and backgrounds, offers us appreciation for each other’s talents and helps us grow.  Particularly when engaging with our youth, we can share our expertise, interests and strengths to help future generations.  By exposing our students to various professions, we help them find their passion and assist in creating their future.  Please remember to share your gift of Vocational Service with others, particularly those that will be taking our place. 

Vocational Service also lends itself to networking in our communities.  Representing our profession in a Rotary Club provides exposure, creates contacts and helps us thrive.  I know I would work with a Rotarian if given the choice, with any services I may need in my personal life.  Please allow time in your meetings to hear about each other, someone’s business, and appreciate all of the talent we have in our clubs.

This month also brings an exciting adventure for me and several of our Rotarian friends throughout the District.  In support of our Thailand RI Global Grant, sponsored by Fig Garden Rotary and Chaired by PDG Mike Andritch, several of us will be traveling to Thailand to help the villages build the water systems your generous support has allowed us to provide.  We will start in Chang Mai, which is apparently a beautiful city, and will be transported into the jungle to work with the remote villages building the water systems.  Each village has a vested interest in the water system, so the whole community works together to make it happen.  We will be their assistants and will have a unique opportunity to live and work with them, side by side. We will take pictures and share our experiences upon our return.  Wish us all well!!

We have a lot planned over the next six months, and I know all of you are up for it and there for your clubs, your District and your communities.  Fundraisers, service projects, accomplishments and celebrations!  That is Rotary, a never-ending cycle of doing good and making a change in the world.  I’m so glad you are all there with me through this wonderful, crazy journey! 

Yours in Rotary Service,

Becky Moser, DG

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